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The China Family Planning Association (CFPA)

The China Family Planning Association (CFPA) plays an important role in providing information and education and promoting voluntary family planning in China. Thanks to its millions of volunteers throughout the country, CFPA provides Chinese people with family planning, maternal and child health, healthier childbearing and childrearing, both information and services.

In 2011, CFPA delivered:

  • 2.4 million sexual and reproductive health services
  • 320,000 condoms
  • 42,000 HIV-related services
  • 14,000 abortion-related services


The CFPA's main target audience are women of reproductive age in economically less developed areas. These women often lack both the knowledge and the skills to improve their health and status.

In recent years, a nationwide 'Reproductive Care Campaign' has been implemented at the grassroot level throughout the country. This campaign benefits millions of ordinary women, men and young people and contributes towards the building of a harmonious society.

Through the Democratic Participation in Society (DPS) Project, CFPA helps to protect the legal rights of Chinese citizens especially in the area of reproductive health.